Congratulations to Matt and Lindsey Flesher for winning the HPNA Yard of the Month “Holiday Lights” award for their lovely design at 600 Greenleaf! Visit the Yard of the Month Page to see their entry.

Matt and Lindsey just moved here in July and are enjoying how friendly the neighborhood has been. Lindsey said that Heights Park was like neighborhoods from 20-30 years ago when you really could borrow an egg or cup of sugar from next door and folks really did bring food whenever there was an excuse. Matt also enjoys Heights Park rambles with their yellow lab, Ruger.

Lindsey is into decorating and paper crafts, and Matt hunts, plays golf, and collects sports memorabilia. Alum’s of Berkner and East Dallas’ Woodrow Wilson, both Fleshers are from the local area. Rumor also has it that Lindsey makes a mean brownie!

Please join us in congratulating them on their award, and welcoming them to the neighborhood.