Community Garden Build It Day – March 5, 2011

Our Neighborhood Community Garden is taking shape! On Saturday, January 29th the garden kick-off meeting was held at Epiphany Episcopal Church (Custer and Greenleaf) to provide information to all of the plot-holders and volunteers. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the garden; there are master gardeners involved to offer help and some experienced community garden coordinators working with everyone to be sure it’s a success. This garden is so popular that there’s a waiting list for plots!

See this page for more information about the community garden.

Whether or not you are the proud recipient of a plot, we’d love to have you help on March 5 with Garden Build It Day (time TBD). We’ll be constructing the garden – frames, plots, filling with dirt, etc. – everything related to getting a garden ready for planting. The landscaper has already leveled the area at Epiphany where the old volleyball court used to be. There’s a good sand base for the beds and the water lines are in and ready.

If you’d like to pitch in with Build It Day, you can fill out a form about how you’d like to help. Here are some of the areas in which help is needed: carpentry, hauling, driving stakes, raking, measuring and laying out, meal preparation, planting, trimming, tilling, etc.

If you decide to help, here is a list of tools that may be helpful. Remember to mark your tools so you’re sure to get them back.
Basic Wood Kit: hammer, tape measure, square, level, power saw, cord, drill, bit
Earth Work Kit: shovels, garden rake, fork, gloves
Other Tools As Needed: wire cutters, sledge hammer, wheel barrow, crow bar, screwdriver, pruning sheers, pruning saw

To volunteer, contact Kim Uhlmann, 972.495.7692; fandangoflamingo AT You can also fill out this form and send it in.