Epiphany Community Garden Build Day

On Saturday, we built out the Epiphany Community Garden behind the Epiphany Episcopal Church at Greenleaf and Custer. It features twenty new 5’x20′ slightly raised plots, and eight more very raised plots that were built last year. 10% of all the produce will go to the Network food bank. Last year, the eight raised plots tended by Epiphany were the main donor of fresh food to the food bank.

The whole day went off without a single hitch and barely a scraped knee. I attribute this to the great planning on the parts of leaders Margaret Miller, Kim Uhlmann, and other members of the church. It was truly inspiring how dozens of community members just got stuff done and pulled the whole thing together in about six hours.

— Nathan Beach / Plot #11

(photographs by Nathan Beach, feel free to use under Creative Commons BY 3.0)

Community Garden “Build It Day” is Saturday!

This Saturday, March 5, is the day we’re going to build out the community garden that the Epiphany Episcopal Church is creating for our neighborhood. Please stop by to see the progress and / or help out. The following message is for volunteers…

From Kim Uhlmann, volunteer coordinator:

Hello Volunteers! Can you believe the time to build the community garden is finally here? We have a lot of helping hands & a lot of enthusiasm so here are general instructions for Saturday. Please note this change from the original information and Evite: We originally thought we would be there all day, but now we believe we will have completed everything around noon so lunch will be served, but not dinner.

Arrive/Check In: 8:30 a.m. in the back of the south parking lot
Check in @ table with Kim or Margaret & you will be instructed as to which work group you are in
Child care check in: Sarah Jo Skinner in the Parish Life Center (brief form to be filled out)

Work Groups: There is a leader for each work group that will instruct you on what to do

Tools: You should have received a Tool List at the Kick-Off meeting in January or when you paid your plot rental fee and I have also included it below. I cannot emphasize enough to please label your name on all tools you bring. Bring gloves, water bottle, sunscreen, etc. We will have a water container outside.

For those of you who are on the drilling or construction crews (you were previously emailed with a request to bring a drill if you have one), please also bring the following if you have it: a #2 Phillips or square drive bit, a 7/32 drill bit.

Plots: We will be assembling 2 rows of 10 plots, starting from the parking lot side (south) and moving north. If you wish to plant after we are through, then please feel free to do so. A Gardening Advisor will be on hand if you have questions. We will also show you how to turn on the water. Three garden hoses and 3 shower wands will be there for your convenience.

We thank you all for your help and are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Kim Uhlmann

Gloves, water bottle, sunscreen, dress in layers, etc.
Basic Wood Kit: Hammer, tape measure, square, level, drill and bits, extension cords
Earth Work Kit: Shovels, garden rake, fork
Other Tools as Needed: wire cutters, sledge hammer, wheel barrow, crow bar, screwdriver, wrecking bar
Prune Kit: pruning sheers, pruning saws

If you have other equipment that will be helpful, please bring. Not everyone will have all tools. Please bring what you have.