November 2013 Decorated Yard of the Month!

November Decorated: Chris Michero and Steven DePuy, 619 Greenleaf

From the owner:

We were thrilled to hear that November had been a recent addition to the Decorated YOM Roster and its first awarded recipient! Fall is our favorite season of the year so we’re always hard at work puttering in the front and back beds doing color change outs, re-mulching for the upcoming winter, and new plantings of some of our favorites – red autumn sage, petra crotons, paintbrush crotons, cabbage & kale, fountain & perennial grasses, coleus, black pearl ornamental peppers and Steven loves black mondo grass this year as little accents up against rocks or at borders. We always spend more time in the yard and hanging out on our back patio with the chiminea going than inside – I grill most of our dinners as an excuse to spend even more time in the yard! We really look at our garden/patio as our favorite room in the house. Up front we love to do a large ‘Autumn Harvest’ collection of grasses, peppers, mums, logs, pumpkins and gourds. Some of our favorite pumpkins are Jacks (of course), Casper, Peanut, One-To-Many (they look like blood shot eyes), Blue Hubbard (my favorite), Blue Jarrahdale, Cinderella, and Fairytale. Thank you so much for granting us this little honor as we do take so much pride in our yard and its continuing evolution.

Much appreciated!
Chris & Steven

2013 Edge Awards

Recognizes Richardson companies and organizations that have achieved extraordinary success and /or made a significant investment in Richardson. The newly named EDGE Awards were formerly known as the Business & Industry Awards.

On November 5, 2013 at the Double Tree by Hilton in Richardson, Texas, the Richardson Economic Development Partnership (REDP), Richardson Chamber of Commerce and Richardson Rotary Clubs honored seven businesses and organizations for their contribution to economic development in the City of Richardson. This year’s luncheon and award event was sponsored by BB&T. Two neighborhood favorites were honored — the Richardson Family YMCA and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

The EDGE Awards honorees are as follows:

2013 Newcomer Business Award was awarded to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for choosing Richardson as its first theater in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and first movie theater to Richardson in 25 years.

2013 Public / Non-Profit/ Educational Award was awarded to Richardson Family YMCA celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year for serving the community in programs that encourage and develop the mind, body and spirit.

2013 Loyalty Award was awarded to Travelers one of the largest insurance companies for remaining in Richardson. Travelers established in 2002, has approximately 600 employees in over 147,000 square feet of leased office space.

2013 Commercial Real Estate Project Award was awarded to developer KDC for bringing the largest corporate campus in Dallas/Ft. Worth to Richardson Texas. (State Farm Campus)

2013 Community Involvement Award was awarded to Avant, a global distributor of electronic components was honored for its corporate support for many Richardson and Dallas/Ft. Worth non-profit organizations.

2013 Environmental Award was awarded to Benning Power Electronics, a German company with its North American headquarters in Richardson. Benning was honored for developing and manufacturing products that allow companies and individuals to control and deliver energy saving products and services.

2013 International Business Award was awarded to ZTE USA, a leading telecommunications company based in China for its significant presence that affirms the city’s global reputation as the home of the Telecom Corridor.

For more information you may contact, visit their website or Facebook page. Other information may be found at To see videos prepared by CITV department go to

Notes from the Richardson Police Department

Citizens Police Academy Application Deadline is 12/16/13

The deadline to submit an application for the 2014 Citizens Police Academy is December 16th.

So if you live or work in Richardson, this is a great opportunity to learn more about our police department.

For more information and to apply, visit out CPA webpage.


Various news reports suggest that this year FedEx will ship 22 million packages on December 2nd (Cyber Monday), Amazon (the online shopping site) is expected to hire an additional 70,000 workers for the holidays. With the continued growth of online shopping, especially during the holidays, more purchases are being shipped. This brings with it another opportunity for criminals to commit theft. Each year residents report packages being stolen from front porches after being delivered through the mail. Consider alternate delivery options to reduce your chances of being victimized this holiday season and year round when having items sent to you.

The easiest and most common suggestion is to have the package shipped to a location where someone will be there to receive it, such as where you work or a trusted neighbor or family member who is regularly home.

Many options are now offered by FedEx and UPS. FedEx has a “Delivery Manager” with choices that include delivery by appointment or evening hours, signature options, alerts to notify you when a package has arrived, FedEx locations that will hold your package for you. Similar options are offered by UPS with the “My Choice” program that include alerts the day before a package is scheduled for delivery so you can reschedule or reroute the package or use a UPS Store as the destination. For those that order from Amazon, look into “Amazon Locker”, the package can be delivered to locations that have secured lockers and when it arrives, you are sent a code that is used to retrieve your package. Most retailers with an online site will have an option to deliver to one of their retail locations for pickup. You can also check with your credit card company to find out if you have purchase protection that will reimburse you for stolen purchases.

If you have video surveillance at your home, check to make sure your camera is positioned at the front door to capture a clear facial image and possibly the street area in front of your home for a vehicle image.

Report any theft immediately to Police.

Crime Prevention Tips

Tires/Wheels are a popular theft item across the DFW area. The thieves are mainly targeting the 20 inch (and up) wheels on SUV’s or pickups.

Park your vehicle in a garage if you can.

Thieves usually prefer to operate by using the cover of darkness (lessens the chance of being seen) so installing motion activated lights over your driveway may help. Be sure to install the lights high enough off of the ground or inside of a housing that will protect the bulb from being unscrewed or vandalized.

You can buy locking lug nuts to place on the wheels (hide the locking lug key as they may break into the vehicle to look for it). Locking lugs will slow down/deter the inexperienced thief however your more experienced thief knows how to remove them.

Unless your vehicle is equipped with a vehicle perimeter alarm your car alarm probably won’t go off. When someone is attempting to steal the tires/wheels off your vehicle the suspects merely jack up the vehicle one area at a time and remove the tire/wheel. Some dealerships sell tilt sensors so if your car alarm is set and the vehicle changes angle (being jacked up) the alarm will sound.

Some residents in Richardson have driveway motion sensors or motion activated cameras in place. So if someone walks on their driveway the sensor detects it and sends an alert to a receiver in your house. The receiver then makes noise and lets you know someone is on your driveway. If you have one of these devices I would not suggest that you run out and scare the burglar/thief off (not advisable for safety reasons). My preference would be is if it goes off and you are able to quietly see if someone is on your driveway you should notify the police “911” and we can try and catch them in the act.

I hope these few suggestions help.

Also, do you have a home video surveillance system? If so please consider enrolling in our “Neighborhood Video Crime Watch program. Go to for more information.

Contact the Richardson Police Department immediately should you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood, non-emergency 972-744-4800, emergency 911.

Join Crime Watch Patrol

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve your community as a volunteer?

If you can spare an hour or two per month for your Richardson neighborhood then Crime Watch Patrol might be the opportunity you are seeking.

Our next training class will be held in the evening on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 from 6pm to 10pm.

So if interested, please submit your application as soon as possible.

To get started go to and complete the online application.

For more information contact the Richardson Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 972-744-4955.

Officer Tommy Davis ID #647
Crime Prevention Unit
Richardson Police Department
140 N. Greenville Avenue
Richardson, Texas 75081

November 2013 Yard of the Month!

November: Sylvia Prussack, 609 Greenleaf

From the owner:

When I opened the door on Sunday and saw a smiling face, I thought, oh this must be good this lady is so happy! I nearly fell to floor when Lynda told me I won yard of the month for November. I have always loved planting since I helped my sweet Grandmother in her garden and you should have seen her yard. The largest Camellias I have ever seen in my life and she planted it all. Her garden was something to behold and fed us year after year!

When I moved in 609 Greenleaf about 13 years ago, I took out some shrubs and put in a few annuals and then I decided as I got older, you better be getting some plants in here that do not take a lot of work. So I put in a lot of Wood Ferns and going to put more in when Spring arrives. I use to plant over 100 Caladiums and they died to early so that is when the Wood Ferns came in. I have tried many things and had the beds torn out a time or two, but now I am going to see about native Texas plants and ones that can stand drought.

I can’t tell you how happy I am I won this as my Son In Law works for a huge landscaping company and when one of us win Yard of the Month, we send the pictures showing off our yards. His yard is gorgeous. Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise! Sylvia Prussack

Crime Alert from the Richardson Police Department

Two robberies have occurred within the past two weeks, both in the late evening hours, the most recent occurred on 10/29/13. The victims in these incidents are attempting to buy an item after contacting the seller on Craigslist. The victims are told by the seller to meet at a residential home and told to park in the rear driveway. The victims are then approached in the driveway and a man displays a handgun and demands money. The Richardson homes in both cases have turned out to be vacant and the location has been different each time.

If you choose to buy or sell items using an online website such as Craigslist, meet in a public place, preferably in the daytime, choose a shopping center or maybe a restaurant; consider a place that uses video surveillance. If the buyer/seller tries to change locations several times or asks you to go to a second location after meeting, don’t agree, this is a red flag. Bring a friend, and let a family member know where you will be. For large purchases consider a two step process, first tell the seller you would like to meet and look at the item and be sure to let them know you will not have any money with you to buy it at that time. This will allow you to verify the item actually exists and meet the seller in person. The second step is to return with the money and complete the purchase, again, in a public place. Above all, trust your instincts, don’t risk your safety.

Officer Tommy Davis ID #647
Crime Prevention Unit
Richardson Police Department
140 N. Greenville Avenue
Richardson, Texas 75081