Happy 2015!




By now you should have received the HPNA mailing with membership invoice and flyer regarding our first HPNA General Meeting of 2015. Representatives from the City Manager’s office will be in attendance to give us an update on the city as well as our neighborhood! This will be a very important meeting to attend if you want to know what’s going on around us.

And we have A LOT going on…

  • Around our neighborhood
  • Happenings in the Heights Shopping Center
  • Main Street/Central Expressway Corridor Study

Around the city…

  • State Farm progress at City Line
  • Raytheon
  • Spring Creek Nature Area Expansion
  • 2015 Bond Program Preparation (no new taxes)
  • Richardson’s First Dog Park

So, come to the meeting on February 5th, at 7:00 p.m. and hear what the City Manager’s office has to say. Bring your questions and/or concerns. This is the perfect time to get explanations and answers.

Refreshments are always served and we’ll have a couple of give-aways, too.


Why should you care?

  • An informative HPNA website
  • Email updates of important events/newsworthy items affecting our neighborhood
  • Active Volunteer Citizen Patrollers to keep our crime down!
  • Assist with the Crimewatch Program through the Police Department
  • Newsletters distributed to all residences
  • Active Block Representative network
  • Flag lease program for members
  • Monthly Yard of the Month Program
  • Participation in City of Richardson Neighborhood Vitality Program and other neighborhood enhancement programs (sign toppers, bridge enhancements, entry features)
  • Maintain partnerships with other Neighborhood Associations and HOAs throughout the city
  • Annual neighborhood events: OctoberFest, 2 General meetings with programs, Volunteer party, etc.
  • Representation at monthly meetings with the City Manager’s office, City Council, and other HOA Presidents.

And probably the most important reason…

  • HPNA serves as a conduit to City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce on issues affecting our neighborhood. We have a strong voice at City Hall.


  • Membership in our neighborhood association is a bargain at only $20/year.
  • Participation in the Flag Program is $40/year (but you must be an HPNA Member)
  • Total for both = $60
  • Payments via PayPal or check (see below for website info)

We accept checks or payment via PayPal. Cash is accepted at the General Meetings. (see info below regarding website and mailing address)

So please become a member of our association and be a part of the solution. If you know your neighbor isn’t a member, ask them why. Thank you.