November 2015 Yard of the Month!

525 Westwood Drive

525 Westwood Drive

November: Chris and Rani McElrath, 525 Westwood Drive

Comments from the homeowners:

Thank you very much for the honor of being chosen as Yard of the Month!
One of the great things about the Heights Neighborhood is the genuine pride of ownership for the vast majority of homeowners around us, so this award is really special to us to (and yes my wife is still jumping up and down for joy).

We started this process six years ago and I call it a process because my wife, Rani, has yet to meet a garden center, arborist, or big box home improvement store that she is not willing to spend money in to improve our cottage. Most of the time I am trying to reign her in, especially after she drives around and sees all the neighbors recent and continued improvements, so thank you all for that!

We decided (ok, I decided) this past year to try and keep our landscaping as easy to maintain as possible, so we centered our lawn on mostly native perennials with splashes of seasonal color. We have based our landscaping on a three tiered philosophy; it needs to be attractive, functional, and easy. So my weekends are often spent running off to the garden store to buy some seasonal color, a couple of vegetable plants, and or a new perennial. I just asked my wife if we were going to go through all of this trouble couldn’t we at least get a fresh pepper or tomato out of the process (and of course grubs killed that dream for me this year). So this award was so much more rewarding with all the issues we had this year with pests.

My wife still has much bigger plans for our landscape in our future I am just hoping I don’t have to dip into our 401K to fund it. Thanks again for this honor!

Chris and Rani McElrath