530 Twilight Trail

530 Twilight Trail

September: Nanci and Henry DuPlant, 530 Twilight Trail

Comments from the homeowners:

We are very happy to be picked as the Yard of the Month for September. My wife, Nanci has lived here many years in Richardson, but as for me it has been 12 years. We love the Richardson area, and Heights Park community. For the past years I have been improving the landscaping, which has been planting new trees, removing and/or trimming the older ones, working in a new lawn, maintaining the home, a vegetable garden out back and just last year a Zinnia flower bed out front. I have not had the luxury of using a landscaping business due to cost and that I enjoy working outside myself. After working outside for AT&T for 35 years, I am use to a lot of activity. I now have been my own boss as a Disc Jockey (My Music Guy) for almost twelve years and Nanci has her own business as well as a Hypnotherapist for 39 years. Our jobs are flexible which allows me to spend a lot of time in the yard.

Last year, we decided to put in the Zinnia flower bed in the front yard. We went to the city with our idea and they affirmed our plan. We wanted to put in a flower bed similar to Nanci’s dad (David Kaplan) did at his house on Hillcrest and Stephanie Road in Dallas. He planted a long raised bed ( longer than mine) full of Zinnias, with a sign “Please pick the Zinnias”. I assume it was a spoof off of the Doris Day movie, “Please Don’t pick the Daises”. The sign would also have scissors hung by string attached, so any one driving by could stop and cut their own Zinnias. We did not get our flower bed in before David passed away at he age of almost 94, but did get it in the next season. I heard the stories of his flower bed and all the cars stopping on Hillcrest while people picked flowers to take to work or to their homes. He even made the Dallas newspaper back then.

So if you happen to stop by our home on 530 Twilight Trail, “PLEASE PICK THE ZINNIAS”. THIS BED IS IN MEMORY OF DAVID AND JEANETTE KAPLAN. It was his idea, not mine. I just designed mine like his. If you are wondering, David Kaplan was the owner and manager of the “Sun Rexall Drug Store” on Central Expressway, which was in Richardson, where the “Party City” is now. The twelve years I have been here I have heard many, many stories of his store in Richardson and his other store in downtown Dallas. We enjoy having everyone be a part of this ongoing tradition. Thanks again for the honor of YOM September

– Nanci and Herb DuPlant

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