September 2017 Yard of the Month: 603 Greenleaf Drive

September 2017 Yard of the Month: 603 Greenleaf Drive

The September 2017 Yard of the Month belongs to Forrest Blaney at 603 Greenleaf Drive. Here is what he had to say about his yard:

My wife, Suzanne, and I signed a contract to buy this house in 1976. It was at night, in the rain, on the hood of a car. We had inspected the house for about 20 minutes before we bought it. It was to be our starter home, and we had expected to be here about two years. However, we found the neighborhood very pleasant, the schools excellent, and the location generally convenient for our needs. Over the years, we rebuilt almost everything and modernized the 1954 house.

The landscape is a “choir of orphans” that have come together over the years. The red oak and the crepe myrtle were both “swimming pool rescues” as they were dug up and moved only a few hours before being tractor loaded and hauled away.  The cedar tree was planted by the birds, and my wife protected from me; I who would have removed it. Now it is part of the choir.

The stone porch and benches were built largely from leftover stones from many projects. The brick joints and borders were also leftover materials from a large project. People ask about the offset design of the stone bench. It was offset to respect the property line and to add interest to the side.

The shrubs are: Esperanza (yellow), red roses, purple oxalis (great plant) and red salvia (a great perennial).

The secret: Treat the yellow esperanza as an annual. Plant some every year in the sun. In early November, plant pansies in the sun for winter color.

The grass: I cut my grass high and with a sharp blade. The lawn seems quite happy.

I am very happy to be part of this beautiful neighborhood.

Forrest Blaney