Did you know that a dinosaur roams Heights Park? Fear not, George is a friendly fella who has a penchant for celebrating the seasons with style. Neighbors Joanna and Heath Bessire share the story of how George made his way to the 500 block of Newberry.

George’s full name is George P. Sinclair. He is a Sinclair Oil dinosaur. In 2016, when we had just moved in, we saw him on Craigslist but we had just bought a house and agreed that buying a dinosaur for the yard seemed like a ridiculous purchase.

On Christmas Day 2017, I (Joanna) woke up and opened the curtains and George was looking in the window. He looked cold, so we gave him a home. The decorations started out small, but quickly took on a life of their own and may end up out of control in the future.

We love to see little kids light up when they come around the corner. Just last week a whole birthday party stopped by, which was super cute. It’s even entertaining to watch adults try to be stealthy while they take a quick picture.

We both have art backgrounds, so making things for George to wear is a fun hobby. I think my favorite outfit is his raincoat and Heath’s favorite is Halloween (skeleton). Hats and signs are the easiest, since he’s not exactly a standard costume size.

He makes us happy so we are thrilled that he makes other people happy as well. We have so many more ideas so please continue to come by and say hi.

— Joanna and Heath Bessire

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