August 2020 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 631 Lockwood Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard

We were very surprised to receive the August Yard of the Month award and appreciate the recognition from our neighbors! 

Our yard looked very different in 2001 when we bought our house!  Untended flowerbeds, decades-old shrubs, no trees in the front yard, only volunteer “trash” trees in the backyard, not a flower in sight – plenty of weeds though!  Reinventing the front yard started when we planted a red oak sapling (now at least 30 ft. tall!) and tiny fig “shrub” (now a beautiful, massive fruit-bearing tree!) in the front yard and continued when we removed old overgrown shrubs and “trash” trees; built the wisteria-bearing arbor; created new flowerbeds; installed a planter and trellis; installed new walkways along the driveway; planted shrubs and flowers; created a springtime wildflower garden; added the water fountain beside our front porch.  Since our yard is a project with no completion date, we’ll keep on planting and modifying, a little here and a little there.

David and Regina Harrison