Congratulations to the owners at 814 Lockwood Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard.

We are so honored and humbled to be selected as yard of the month. We have lived here for about 19 years and have loved our time in Heights Park. As I am sure the neighborhood has seen, our yard has very much been a work in progress the last couple of years. When the tornado hit in October of 2019, we like many of our neighbors, lost a couple of trees. One was a beautiful and large lovers red oak that covered half of our front yard. When this happened, it completely changed our yard and the slope of the yard which affected water run-off. So, in April of 2020, we had the ultimate COVID project and decided to completely start over. We tilled up our entire front yard. We seeded a special drought tolerant bermuda grass and crossed our fingers that it would grow. We also redid the retaining wall at the front of the yard and slowly have added more flowers over the last year.

One of the things we are most proud of is we did all this as a family. Our boys, now 13 and 14 worked hard along with us and we are excited they get to see the recognition of their hard work and of what we have accomplished. We still feel our yard is a work in progress and we hope the neighborhood will continue to appreciate it as it continues to grow.

Kip, Terri, Collin and Cooper Kendrick