And that means one of your Saturday night’s dinner and entertainment is solved. You’re welcome!

The year’s festival will take place on Saturday, October 23, at 5:30 p.m., on Thompson Drive between Newberry and Greenleaf. Our hot competition Chili Cookoff will fire things up first. How many chances do you get to show your big pot off to your neighbors? Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three recipes complete with a medal to wear with pride. 1st place can continue to show off with a winner sign posted in their yard following the event. You must enter by Oct. 20. Email to enter. Six quarts is the minimum quantity required for entry.

If you don’t cook, come eat and bring beer – after all, it is Oktoberfest! H.P. N. A. will provide all the fixin’s, hot dogs, chips. A s’mores station will sweeten the fire and satisfy the kid in all of us. See you and your pot there.