On Feb. 8 from 6-8 at the Richardson Senior Center Heights Park Neighborhood Association is finally able to safely hold its first General Meeting since the pandemic hit. The space is large and seating will be spread out.

This is your chance to convene for community conversation and news. Our annual board elections will take place as well. Come catch up on the latest and greatest happenings in your hood. We’ll have three heart stopping door prizes to give away to attendees. Still not enough? Is your heart pounding with anticipation? Here goes. Instead of a keynote speaker, we’re making Valentines! Our “Share the Love” session will give you the chance to let your creativity run wild to craft Valentine cards to your hearts content. The best part … all the charming notes you make will be delivered to senior living communities right here in your city. The more cards you make, the more hearts we can make smile.  

So have a heart and bring yourself, your family, your friends to connect (with the news), choose (your board) and craft a card that will Share the Love with those silver stars of our senior community. It will make their day, yours, and ours too.