June 2022 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 814 Beltline Cove! Please read what they had to say about their yard.

We bought the house in the summer of 2020 and have since been doing a lot of remodeling and landscaping. We have loved updating the house and yard to match our modern aesthetic. We have worked with Elite Outdoor Living, as well as Luxe Outdoor Designs to completely update and revamp both the front and back yards. Our chow chow, Mouse has been enjoying the property even more than us.

We both love Richardson, so much and have really enjoyed living in Heights Park. We are so flattered to have won yard of the month, thank you! 

Jerry & Richard

May 2022 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 625 Lockwood Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard.

We moved to Heights Park 10 years ago and we were thrilled to find a house not only in the same neighborhood where my husband grew up but also a few steps away from the elementary school where he attended. This is a beautiful neighborhood filled with wonderful people and we feel lucky to be part of this community. When we purchased the house the yard needed a lot of work, there were missing sections of the lawn and plenty of overgrown shrubs. Also it was very shady since nobody had trimmed the tree in the front of the house in years.  It took some work and time to make it look like today, especially to figure out what plants work better on our property. We have learned that you can’t go wrong with perennials but also the need for annual flowers to add a pop of color and personality to the garden.  Taking care of the yard has always been a process that we love and enjoy as a family. Our little daughters are a big part of it, they love to help and especially like picking out the flowers. Thanks for the “Yard of the Month” recognition, we sincerely appreciate it.

Scott and Ana Taylor

Food Truck Friday

We are SO excited to have HPNA’s FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY again this year!!! Mark your calendar, neighbors… because this year we will have THREE food trucks to serve you up delicious fare! Easy Slider, Cheddar Wheel, and Mr. Softee will be at Heights Park’s South lot from 6-9 pm on FRIDAY APRIL 22nd!!! Come one, come all! It is sure to be a good time with family, friends and neighbors! 

 See you soon!!! 

On Feb. 8 from 6-8 at the Richardson Senior Center Heights Park Neighborhood Association is finally able to safely hold its first General Meeting since the pandemic hit. The space is large and seating will be spread out.

This is your chance to convene for community conversation and news. Our annual board elections will take place as well. Come catch up on the latest and greatest happenings in your hood. We’ll have three heart stopping door prizes to give away to attendees. Still not enough? Is your heart pounding with anticipation? Here goes. Instead of a keynote speaker, we’re making Valentines! Our “Share the Love” session will give you the chance to let your creativity run wild to craft Valentine cards to your hearts content. The best part … all the charming notes you make will be delivered to senior living communities right here in your city. The more cards you make, the more hearts we can make smile.  

So have a heart and bring yourself, your family, your friends to connect (with the news), choose (your board) and craft a card that will Share the Love with those silver stars of our senior community. It will make their day, yours, and ours too.

November 2021 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 713 Greenleaf Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard.

We are excited about being selected November Yard of the Month. Carol and I have lived in the Richardson Heights area since 1978. We moved from the 600 block of Lockwood to our current address on Greenleaf in 1994. When we moved in there were no trees and no landscaping. The large Live Oak was planted a few years after we moved in. The trunk was about 4” in diameter. The Live Oak on the right was planted around 2000. We had full sun and planted accordingly. Bob Vinson, owner of Nativ Landscape, helped us with the design of the beds. The white picket fence, Carol’s idea, was added about ten years ago, and we think that is what makes the yard different from almost all the other yards. As the trees got larger, we had to rethink everything because we had much more shade during the day. Now, the white fence area is the only part of the front yard that gets afternoon sun. Over the years we’ve had to change plants, and that was certainly true with the February deep freeze. Neil Sperry says, you have to keep trying to find the right plant for the right location. It’s always a work in progress. Challenging and fun to see what works. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for us. We absolutely love the Richardson Heights area. If you see us working in the front please stop and say hi.

We like meeting our neighbors…Carol and George Coelen


And that means one of your Saturday night’s dinner and entertainment is solved. You’re welcome!

The year’s festival will take place on Saturday, October 23, at 5:30 p.m., on Thompson Drive between Newberry and Greenleaf. Our hot competition Chili Cookoff will fire things up first. How many chances do you get to show your big pot off to your neighbors? Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three recipes complete with a medal to wear with pride. 1st place can continue to show off with a winner sign posted in their yard following the event. You must enter by Oct. 20. Email contact@heightspark.com to enter. Six quarts is the minimum quantity required for entry.

If you don’t cook, come eat and bring beer – after all, it is Oktoberfest! H.P. N. A. will provide all the fixin’s, hot dogs, chips. A s’mores station will sweeten the fire and satisfy the kid in all of us. See you and your pot there.

September 2021 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 610 Opal Lane! Please read what they had to say about their yard.

Thank you for choosing our home for yard of the month, it’s was a pleasant and nice surprise! We have only lived in our home now for about a year and 1/2 as we bought it and then took a few months to do a complete renovation. The yard has been a work in progress and this year we spent a little more time on the exterior so that it would match the interior.

Thank you again for selecting our home as we greatly appreciate it.

Jazmin & Brian Vanetti