December 2019 Decorated Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 442 Rustic Circle! Please read what they had to say about their yard

Thanks to everyone who voted our yard as Best Decorated Yard of the Month. We have always seen so many other houses be named Yard of the Month, and never expected ours to make it.

Over the last few months we have been doing some small renovations to our house, including a new driveway, porch, steps, removing an old tree stump and its roots and adding some cedar woodwork to the house exterior. We are currently in the process of getting new sod to fill where the tree roots tore out the grass. With all the renovations, we decided to take a break and enjoy the month of December. 

Every year we try new decorations, and this year finally found what we are sticking with. We were out shopping for new exterior lights to go on the roof when I saw these cute decorations. I made a spur of the moment decision and bought everything that we have now. The only thing I didn’t think about at the time of purchasing is where in the world we are going to store it all when Christmas is over. Regardless, our gnomes, Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa, Rudolph, Snowman, and reindeer with sleigh make a great team in the front yard and are here to stay. We have had multiple people stop and compliment the yard decorations, along with the new small renovations, and it feels good to know other people enjoy it as much as we do. 

Again, thanks for choosing our yard for Best Decorated Yard of the Month. It made our day!

The Guillen Family

October 2019 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 536 Newberry Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard

Thanks so much for giving us October yard of the month. We have lived here since 1988 and truly love Heights Park. We both enjoy gardening and making our yard look good. It is constantly evolving as we continue to add and change plants. It has been a hot dry couple of months but we are trying to keep things looking good.

Thanks again.

Jack and Brenda Washington

September 2019 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 524 Parkview Lane! Please read what they had to say about their yard

We sincerely appreciate being named September’s Yard of the Month! We moved to Heights Park in April of 2016. While the interior had been completely remodeled prior to the purchase, the front yard had little to no attention prior. The landscaping overhaul began in the heat of Summer 2016, starting with removing all existing shrubbery, installing new edging, and planting all new bushes and drought-tolerant plants closest to the house. Over the past few years, these flowerbeds all became established and healthy; however, the grass in the front was still unhealthy due to an extended period of having a large dumpster on the yard during the remodel. After much deliberation on what to do with the space – installing sod, planting trees, or making a flower bed – we decided to add creativity and Zen to the space by installing a four-room flower bed with pathways. Due to the bed being such a large space, it took some time and labor to edge it and get it plant-ready. We installed an assortment of colors and sizes, with everything from crepe myrtles to transplanted plants from my parent’s ranch to seeds. Although a large number of the plants are perennials, we also chose several annuals so we can change them out with season and preference. Monthly trips to Canton’s first Monday trade days supplied the majority of plant life in the yard. Other than hiring out the labor for the initial bush removal, everything in the front yard has been the product of us two. I inherited my mother’s love of nature, finding much peace and solace in manual labor and dirty hands. Thanks again for the award! We are genuinely grateful others enjoy it as much as we do!

Malarie Kennedy & Nate Sickler   

August 2019 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the owners at 712 Newberry Lane! Here is what they had to say about their yard.

Thanks for honoring us with YOM! We moved here in 1991 and the landscape has evolved as trees grew and shade progressed. I took out plants that were fine at 1st, but no longer made the grade in our ever increasing shade. We put in a swimming pool and then took out a swimming pool, tore down a garage, rebuilt a bigger garage, so things were forever changing. I put in more and more shade loving plants on a trial basis until I finally found the shade tolerant shrubs and perennials I liked and that did well. For years I never used any chemicals at all. Just all organic stuff. As I’ve gotten a bit older and a bit slower, I’ve started using just a few chemicals every now and then.  I don’t bend and stoop so well anymore, but I still enjoy the mowing and edging. This spring, I gave away almost all my garden tools except for 1 shovel and some pruners. Anything that requires more than that, I’ll hire it out. I’m retired now so I have more time to take care of everything at a little more leisurely pace. I try to do at least a little bit in the yard everyday. Ive always enjoyed taking care of my yard with the same pride my dad always did. Growing up, we always had the best yard on the block. I guess now, I can say that too…for at least a month. 

Thanks for the Honor!

Brent and Lyn Hendrex

Celebrate Neighbors, Summer and Fun at Block Party

Neighbors playing corn hole at the heights of summer

Back by popular demand for the fourth year in a row, the Heights Park Neighborhood Association is excited to present The Heights of Summer Block Party from 5-8 p.m., Saturday, June 1, on the 500 block of Parkview Lane! It’s truly a wonderful time to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

This year’s big draw: FREE hot dog meals for the first 70 HPNA members (limit two meals per family). Additional meals will be $5 each (hot dog, chips and drink). You can become a member now or at the event.

The list of fun summer activities includes:

  • Bounce house
  • Water race
  • Flickin’ Chicken
  • Corn hole
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Story time
  • Live DJ
  • And much more!

Also a benefit to HPNA members: there will be prize drawings for some cool local gifts.

Note: this is a BYOB(everage) and BYOC(hair) event!

Wanna get fired up for it? Check out a video of last year’s bash.