September 2020 Yard of the Month: 823 Ridgedale Drive

Congratulations to the owners at 823 Ridgedale Drive! Please read what they had to say about their yard

At the time we moved into the Heights Neighborhood around 1966, we had little experience in landscaping. Our education in horticulture was called ‘trial and error’ as google was not available. It didn’t take long to discover that there was a vast difference in what you desired for your yard and what nature would allow. So began the saga of working around shade and the Texas heat to provide color in our front beds, and under our wonderful stately trees where we planted Asian jasmine and wood fern for ground cover. We discovered that planting caladiums in black liner containers allowed soil to be improved for enhanced growth and recovery of the bulbs to keep for the next season. Philodendron, macho ferns, and elephant ears provide a back drop for the caladiums and thrive in the shade. Since planted in pots, they are split, and kept for the next season. Texas native plants and succulents do well in the heat and add creative texture to our yard. Over the years, there are few plants that have not visited our yard, many have stayed, and others permanently gone.

It’s hard to remember all of the improvements we have made these many years, but it truly has been “Our own” labor of love ………. Our home and yard, both front and back have served as a haven of fun for our family, neighbors, and friends and also provided a peaceful environment during difficult times, like the one our nation is facing.   

You are welcome to drop by to visit and view our yard and we would like to say…….

 THANKS so much for the September Yard of the Month recognition!

Fred & Barbara Ellis

823 Ridgedale

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