Richardson City Council Elections in May

The Richardson City Council Elections are coming up in May!

Election Day: May 9, 2009 from 7AM to 7PM
Early voting begins April 27 through May 1 at City Hall

Detailed election info:

Richardson City Council Candidates:

Candidate forums:

Place 1: District 1, SE Campaign Website:
Bob Townsend (incumbent)
Bill Denton (write-in candidate)

Place 2: District 2, NE
Jennifer Justice
Jimmy Schnurr
Thomas Volmer
Mark Solomon

Place 3: District 3, SW
Sheryl Miller
John Murphy (incumbent)
Chris Davis

Place 4: District 4, NW
Thomas Bache-Wiig
Gary Slagel (incumbent)
Diane Wardrup

Place 5: At-large
Bob Macy
Pris Hayes (incumbent)

Place 6: At-large
Steve Mitchell (unopposed)

Place 7: At-large
Amir Omar
Dennis Stewart (incumbent)