Alley Address Signs!

alley signCustom Curb Appeal is supplying neighborhood associations with Alley Address signs.

The signs are 12″ x 6″ aluminum signs with the blue artwork in vinyl. Each sign hangs on the back fence of the home and is custom made with the home’s address. The signs are reflective and easily visible at night.

The sign satisfies the city requirement that your house address must be on the back fence for emergency vehicles and city services.

It helps the Crime Watch volunteer drivers identify where they are when making notes.

It warns would-be thieves that this is an “Active Crime Watch Area”

Sign cost is $22.00 per sign and comes with 2 exterior deck screws to attach to a wood fence or S-hooks for chain link fences. There’s an extra charge of $3.00 if the homeowner wants Custom Curb Appeal to install the sign.

Custom Curb Appeal requires a minimum order of 25 signs to place the order, so if you’d like to have one of these alley signs, please contact Marsha Mayo, the HPNA Crime Watch Patrol Coordinator, at, 972.437.1166.

June 2013 Yard of the Month!

504 Thompson DriveJune 2013: Jack and Shirley Pittman, 504 Thompson

From Shirley:
“Thanks for following up with us regarding YOM. We are thrilled to have our yard recognized. The truth is we receive recognition each time we step into the yard with trowel and rake in hand. We have been digging and planting and experimenting with different plants for 30 years now, The benefits we receive for our activities are too numerous to mention – but I will say we receive much peace and satisfaction. We enjoy the many visits we have had with neighbors as they walk by and inquire about the different flowers. Our activities are slowing down a bit now as the years claim our flexibility and strength. Still we always manage to get small chores accomplished and that old feeling of satisfaction returns, So far this year we have cleaned the leaves out of our pond (which we created a long time ago) and have transferred plants to cover bare spots of ground. (I can’t stand a bare spot with no vegetation.) Thanks again for recognizing our yard – the pleasure has been ours for many years.”