Celebrate Neighbors, Summer and Fun at Block Party

Neighbors playing corn hole at the heights of summer

Back by popular demand for the fourth year in a row, the Heights Park Neighborhood Association is excited to present The Heights of Summer Block Party from 5-8 p.m., Saturday, June 1, on the 500 block of Parkview Lane! It’s truly a wonderful time to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

This year’s big draw: FREE hot dog meals for the first 70 HPNA members (limit two meals per family). Additional meals will be $5 each (hot dog, chips and drink). You can become a member now or at the event.

The list of fun summer activities includes:

  • Bounce house
  • Water race
  • Flickin’ Chicken
  • Corn hole
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Story time
  • Live DJ
  • And much more!

Also a benefit to HPNA members: there will be prize drawings for some cool local gifts.

Note: this is a BYOB(everage) and BYOC(hair) event!

Wanna get fired up for it? Check out a video of last year’s bash.

City Council Election Information

Richardson residents will elect City Council Members this spring. Richardson residents are able to cast votes for each of the seven places. Heights Park residents are represented by the Place 3 City Council member. See all candidates below.

The deadline to register to vote is Thursday, April 4. Early voting will be held April 22-30. Election Day is Saturday, May 4. There are many locations for early voting, including the Richardson Civic Center/City Hall. Election Day voting will be held at City Hall. For more information, visit the City of Richardson elections site.

City of Richardson General Election
Candidates listed as they will appear on the ballot

Mayor, City Council Place 7
Paul Voelker

City Council Place 1
Bob Dubey
Jason Clarke

City Council Place 2
Mark Solomon

City Council Place 3 (Includes Heights Park)
Franklin Byrd
Dan Barrios
Janet DePuy

City Council Place 4
Raymond DeGuzman Sr.
Johnny Lanzillo
Kyle Kepner

City Council Place 5
Mauri Long
Ken Hutchenrider

City Council Place 6
Steve Mitchell

More Information about the Panelists Featured at the Last Meeting

Heights Park Neighborhood Association was pleased to present a panel of the following local experts at the recent neighborhood meeting.

Landscape Designers

Carol Feldman: Owner and landscape architect for Feldman Design Studios. The firm is a full-service design and land planning business located in Richardson, Texas, that creates aesthetically pleasing residential and commercial outdoor spaces with an utmost concern for human and environmental welfare.

Founded in 1996, Feldman Design Studios initially concentrated on residential properties and cultural landscape projects. In 2003, the firm branched out into commercial and public projects, integrating water conservation. Fifteen years later, the firm has a reputation for providing sustainable landscape designs and is known for its in-depth knowledge of native plants, water-saving techniques and water-wise strategies.

Carol was instrumental in the development of the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) through the Native Plant Society of Texas. The series of four-day classes helps to certify professionals in the use of native plants in landscapes. Beginners learn much from these classes as well.  

Susie Grossman: Susie graduated from LSU in 2001 with a degree in landscape architecture. She has worked in Dallas, New Orleans and New York City, which is where she started to focus on residential design. She moved back to Dallas after getting married and having her first daughter where she ran the residential studio for Studio Outside. She started SKG Designs in 2014. She specializes in residential design including all scopes of design, such as hardscape, pools, master planning and planting design.


Janet DePuy: A resident of Heights Park for about 19 years, she has owned two homes in the neighborhood. She also was one of original board members of HPNA, and served as president for 10 years. She has worked as a Realtor with Keller Williams for 18 years, served on the City Plan Commission for eight years, and is running for Richardson City Council, Place 3.

Dan Washburn: Dan Washburn is the broker/owner of Washburn Realty. He has over 15 years’ experience in working with home buyers and sellers. He has lived in Heights Park on Newberry Drive for over 10 years, has a 20-year-old son who went through our local public schools and two dogs which you probably have seen him walking at Heights Park. Dan specializes in Heights Park & Richardson Heights, assisting home-sellers in make ready, marketing and sale of their home to get top dollar and sell fast.

Interior Designer

Lauren Plantes: Lauren is owner of Elle Designs — an interior decorating and home renovation consulting company that specializes in creative design and planning of interior spaces. Elle Designs assists with remodel selections and consulting clients on updating beautiful and livable spaces in their home.

Lauren’s goal is to make the design process an enjoyable one, while delivering superior value and great quality. Interior decorating is something that can be quick, simple and affordable. Lauren has developed relationships with many professionals in the industry that helps her create exactly what her clients are hoping to achieve.


Rachel Baker: Rachel works with REdesign —a team of moms that specialize in spacial interior organizing and styling. They saw an opportunity to mix modern, functional design as their friends with young families simply did not know how to utilize their 1950s homes to their maximum potential. They like to keep a room organized, but still fun and functional while maintaining aesthetics. They are located in the Richardson area. Their motto is “A place for everything.”


Tim Summey: Tim Summey, owner of Summey Industries, founded his own company in 2008 but has been in the industry for 15 years. He grew up playing in the Rocket at Heights Park. Tim and his wife Rachel live on Winchester (they moved in in 2010) where they have 3 biological kids and have had three infant placements as a licensed foster family.

Summey Industries does bathroom and kitchen remodels, large-scale additions, and new builds in Dallas and Richardson.

Tim believes in high-quality craftsmanship, and he warranties the work he does. He is highly accurate in his time and budget estimation, and has never once come back to a client to ask for more money to complete a job he said could be done for less. (However he has absorbed the cost himself a time or two!) With a designer on staff, Summey Industries is equipped to handle the needs of your entire building project.

Fire Safety

Ryan Regenscheid: Ryan has been a firefighter paramedic with Richardson Fire Station 1 for eights years. Ryan grew up in Plano but now lives in McKinney with his wife and three kids.

How HPNA Uses Your Membership Dues

When you think of a nonprofit neighborhood association like Heights Park, you probably think that it takes very little money to operate. After all, the time and effort to run such an organization is all through volunteerism. Emails are sent out, newsletters delivered, meetings are held.

How much could this actually cost?

We thought the members of HPNA would like to see where their dues are going. We have compiled last year’s financials in a visual representation of how our association allocated your fundings. You may find some of these expenses quite enlightening. We do our absolute best to ensure that our residents get the most bang for their buck, through social events and neighborhood improvements, but it takes your continuing memberships to keep it rolling.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have decided to become members and support your Heights Park Neighborhood Association! And if you are not a member yet, it’s never too late! Join today!

Heights Park Neighborhood Meeting: Pop-Up Professional Panel

Has the New Year got you itching to reorganize your closets? Ready to refresh or remodeling a room? How about creating a piece of paradise in your own backyard? Or maybe you’re ready to solve all your current house woes by just buying a new home. Whatever your dilemma, we’ve got solutions.

Heights Park Neighborhood Association proudly presents P3, a Pop-Up Panel of Professionals including expertise in interior design, organization, landscaping, fire safety/prevention, general contracting and real estate. You will have the chance to sit down and ask questions of these knowledgeable folks in a casual setting. 

Our General Meeting will be held on Saturday, Feb. 9 from 10-11:30 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church, Mays Hall. The meeting will kick off with brief general business including our annual board elections. The P3 will follow. So grab some coffee, breakfast refreshments, and a notepad and get ready to get savvy.

George P. Sinclair: Heights Park’s Dressed-to-Impress Dinosaur

Did you know that a dinosaur roams Heights Park? Fear not, George is a friendly fella who has a penchant for celebrating the seasons with style. Neighbors Joanna and Heath Bessire share the story of how George made his way to the 500 block of Newberry.

George’s full name is George P. Sinclair. He is a Sinclair Oil dinosaur. In 2016, when we had just moved in, we saw him on Craigslist but we had just bought a house and agreed that buying a dinosaur for the yard seemed like a ridiculous purchase.

On Christmas Day 2017, I (Joanna) woke up and opened the curtains and George was looking in the window. He looked cold, so we gave him a home. The decorations started out small, but quickly took on a life of their own and may end up out of control in the future.

We love to see little kids light up when they come around the corner. Just last week a whole birthday party stopped by, which was super cute. It’s even entertaining to watch adults try to be stealthy while they take a quick picture.

We both have art backgrounds, so making things for George to wear is a fun hobby. I think my favorite outfit is his raincoat and Heath’s favorite is Halloween (skeleton). Hats and signs are the easiest, since he’s not exactly a standard costume size.

He makes us happy so we are thrilled that he makes other people happy as well. We have so many more ideas so please continue to come by and say hi.

— Joanna and Heath Bessire

December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive

December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive
December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive

The December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month belongs to Gabriel and Melissa (Renner) Williamson. Here is what Melissa had to say about their yard:

Thank you so much for the honor of Decorated Yard of the Month. We are delighted!

Our Christmas display has grown over the years, as we typically scour the clearance aisles to pick out one or two new items after Christmas — something we can add to the display the following year. 

We like the white lights on the house, but we also like a lot of color, so the colorful path lights are my favorite. Gabriel custom-made the tree that is on our flagpole, and this year it has presents underneath and ornaments hanging within. Our Nutcracker keeps watch from the west arbor. But who are we kidding? We know the addition of the FLYING PIG on our east deck is what put us over the top.

I gently suggested we should have a theme, but Gabriel said our theme is anything that lights up. That works! And we are overjoyed when we see people stop and take pictures with the flying pig or candy cane-munching dinosaur. Our own small children love it all, too.  

We love our old house, big trees, great neighbors and pretty, joyful neighborhood. Thank you for recognizing us. We hope our yard makes you smile. Happy Holidays!

Gabriel and Melissa (Renner) Williamson
Blake, Lexy and Lainey
600 Winchester Drive

December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive
December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive

Sing, Stroll, Celebrate with Neighbors on Sunday, Dec. 9

Carolers will start at the location most convenient to them at 5:30 p.m. Once they finish their route, they will travel to 719 Parkview for an after-party at 7 p.m. Note: The HPNA board selected these routes based on the number of members on these streets in hopes of increasing the number of carolers (and carolees) this year.

The Heights Park Holiday Sing and Stroll is almost here! Before we gather at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 9, here are some details about the fun evening of caroling door-to-door.

Carolers will meet at one of four designated locations (see information at the bottom). Carolers must arrive at the location most convenient to them by 5:30 p.m. Ideally, each group will have approximately 10 to 20 people. Songbooks will be provided. Carolers are encouraged to bring flashlights (it will be dark) and strollers/wagons for little ones. If you plan to participate in the Holiday Sing and Stroll, email contact@heightspark.com.

Carolers will stop at homes with porch lights on, and will sing at approximately five to seven homes. For those who aren’t caroling, we look forward to performing for y’all. If you hear singing, please enjoy the music from the comfort of your patio chairs and, if you know the song, feel free to join in!

After caroling, all singers are invited to a festive after-party at the Netzers’ house, 719 Parkview, by 7 p.m. The celebration will have hot chocolate, cookies and egg nog. Carolers are encouraged to drop off a treat to share at the Netzers’ house by 4 p.m. Sunday.

Holiday Sing and Stroll Starting Locations

The HPNA board selected these routes based on the number of members on these streets in hopes of increasing the number of carolers (and carolees) this year.

  1. Floyd and Stardust
  • Proceed east on Stardust.
  • North on Lindale.
  • East on Twilight to Twilight Circle.
  • West on Twilight.
  1. Floyd and Lockwood
  • Proceed east on Lockwood.
  • North on Lindale.
  • West on Westwood.
  1. Floyd and Newberry
  • Proceed west on Newberry.
  • North on Thompson.
  • East on Greenleaf.
  1. Floyd and Northill
  • Proceed east on Northill.
  • North on Lindale.
  • West on Winchester.